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Welcome to Habibi Film Rentals!

The word ‘Habibi’ translated means ‘My Love’, and it’s a love for filmmaking that we strive to infuse into the operation of our boutique-sized camera and lens rental service.

Based in Toronto, with a primary focus on the rental of professional-level motion picture cameras and lenses, we also rent a varied spectrum of support equipment, ranging from grip&lighting to battery power and digital recording like the Atomos Shogun and Odyssey 7Q+. We are a very relationship-driven initiative, and should a project require equipment support that we do not currently provide, we make it our business to locate the resources necessary, through our industry contacts, that our clients are in need of.

Whether you’ve got a simple interview or the challenge of a multi-camera night shoot, we look forward to the opportunity of chatting with you about your project and figuring out how best we can serve your vision!



A sampling of what’s currently available…

Sigma CINE Primes and Zooms
Canon CN-E Prime Set
Lomo Spherical Primes
Zeiss Ze Prime Set
Red Packages (PL and EF)
C300Mkii Packages (PL and EF)
Sony Fs7ii Packages (PL and EF)
Ursa Mini Pro Packages (PL and EF)
ARRI SkyPanels S60
LiteMat 1,2,2L,3,4
Sony A7s Package
Bright Tangerine MISFIT MatteBox
DJI Ronins (original and Ronin2 with ReadyRig)
Kessler Cineslider
Trost CineSlider
DJI Osmo

…and more!
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Flexible pick-up and drop-off times…Flexible prices on budget…Relaxed Prep Space. 

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