Easyrigs & Vests
Easyrig Vario 5
11 to 38 lb Load Capacity Reduces Strain on Arms, Neck & Shoulders Adjustable Line Tension Gimbal Rig Vest
$ 140.00 CAD
/ Day +HST
Easyrig Cinema 3
500N Load Capacity Reduces Strain on Arms, Neck & Shoulders Cinema 3 Vest Load Capacity - 24 - 28.5 lbs 500N Shock Absorber Standard Support Arm Carrying Case
$ 105.00 CAD
/ Day +HST
Ready Rig GS Stabilizer Kit with Case
Load Capacity Range of 1-30 lb Vertical Axis Stabilization Compatible with Any Gimbal Carbon Fiber Support Arms Operate Gimbal Over- or Under-Slung Aluminum & Carbon Fiber Construction Slim, Compact Design Soft Carrying Case Included
$ 165.00 CAD
/ Day +HST
Cinema Devices Ergorig Lightweight Body Mounted Harness (Standard)
- Shoulder Mount with Zero Stress on Spine - Transfers 100% of the Weight to the Hips - Shoulder Rest Sits Raised Above Shoulder - Slight Contact with Shoulder Rest - Freely Sit, Kneel, Run, and Move Around - Supports Full-Size, Rigged-Up Cameras - Supports Camera in Underslung Mode - Suitable for Men and Women Operators - Accessory Loops
$ 135.00 CAD
/ Day +HST